Independent IT Audit

Independent IT audits and assessments are investigations of business processes and technical issues carried out without favoritism toward management, vendors or employees. An objective report is prepared offering specific solutions to improve business value.

AXA Equitable, New York City, Banking & Financial.

Line of Business Assessment, 2008. Evaluated data center responsiveness to CIO initiatives, and recommended solutions to promote improved IT support for accomplishing business objectives. Completed analysis of essential functions with relative assessments of competency in multiple operational areas, and recommended specific measures to increase competitive strength in the weakest areas.

JP Morgan Chase & Co., New York City, Banking & Financial.

Project Coaching, 2007. Evaluated reentry strategies for IBM into JP Morgan Chase operational support. Coached functional project managers to unify strategic approaches. Recommended strategies for division of labor, shared responsibilities and software testing. Limited onsite presence was successfully reestablished.

Ford Motor Company IT, Dearborn, Manufacturing.

Project Consulting, 2003. Explored and evaluated requirements to establish a porting center for refreshing lifecycle server technology in the Ford computational data center. Successful demonstration of multiple server ports resulted in a three-year follow on team consulting assignment for porting center methodology and operations.

FedEx IT, Dallas, Aerospace.

Flight Planning System Replacement Analysis, 1998. Analyzed critical Flight Planning System in preparation for update and replacement. Documented all data interfaces with collateral software systems, including data structures, subroutines and functions. Analyses and evaluations were used by a third party vendor to successfully replace the FPS without any disruption to operations for the largest airline system in the world.

PrimeCo Wireless NNOC, Trophy Club, Texas, Telecommunications.

Network Operations Analysis, 1997. Investigated wireless telephone Network Operating Center operations with the goal of improving IT department responsiveness to operational performance issues. Reviewed NNOC operations and recommended 24 comprehensive technical and process-driven solutions to streamline technical support for real time operations. The measures were adopted and were hugely successful; a year later PrimeCo merged with GTE to form Verizon Wireless.

CARE Systems Data Center, Dallas, Health Care & Patient Records.

Systems Security Audit, 1995. Investigated repeated server security breaches. Discovered and identified to upper management an employee who had created a back door secured entry account to all databases holding private insurance and patient data. Prepared a list of multiple security threats found, and recommended mitigation strategies. Personnel realignments also occurred as appropriate.

Browning-Ferris Industries Corporate HQ, Houston, Environmental, Legal & Statutory.

Environmental Systems Audit, 1994. Evaluated compliance of landfill operations to federal RCRA environmental standards for groundwater quality. Also evaluated security issues regarding conversion from centralized to distributed computing centers. Operations were found to be compliant, personnel were well-qualified, a laboratory quality-control regimen was instituted, and adequate foundations were assured for a new round of expansion in operations.

Sun Exploration & Production, Dallas, Oil & Gas.

IT Assessment, 1987. Developed technical requirements from general business requirements to integrate multiple geophysics exploration programs having a common user interface. Successful demonstration and proof-of-concept acceptance resulted in a three-year follow on project for technical software and data integration.

National Computrain, Dallas, Health Care Solutions & Training Technology.

IT Assessment, 1987. Gathered requirements for computerized voice-interactive training system for spinal cord injury patients, and provided demonstration prototype. Proof-of-concept acceptance resulted in a two-year follow on project for development, testing and successful productization.

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