Project Portfolio

These are references to Information Technology projects undertaken over the past 30 years by Torix Corporation principal Michael A. Hill.

Trucon Business Development, Austin, Small Business

Marketing & Planning, 2013-14. Developed comprehensive marketing plan and network marketing techniques. Expanded online marketing efforts through web sites and social & visual media.

University Medical Center Brackenridge, Austin, Health Care.

Business Process Audits, 2012-13. Assessed current state of cancer treatment and care, palliative care, hospice care, end of life care, medication protocols and payment systems, as well as the social aspects of treatment, indigent care and counseling. Examined collaborative relationships with Shivers Cancer Center, Hospice Austin, emergency room services, radiological services, social services and contract network physicians.

Telesoft International, Austin, Telecommunications

User Interface Design, 2010-11. Web site design and implementation for small business, online sales support and Google advertising. Business requirements elicitation, process alignment, rapid prototyping methodology, risk management and QA planning.

Gnarlywood Studio, Driftwood, Small Business

Internet Commerce & Marketing, 2010-present. Evaluated and implemented online sales through web sites, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google, PayPal and online advertising. Explored and applied techniques for ebook editing and publishing, graphic design, digital imaging, and online visualization, illustration and visual arts exhibition. Assessed the Austin visual arts market and venues. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

Curves International, Dripping Springs, Small Business

Fitness Club Franchise Operations, 2008-12. Retail build out, business plan, vendor relations, city code conformance, payroll, accounting, local advertising, and liquidation. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

Investors Bank & Trust, Boston & Sacramento, Banking & Finance

Migration Project Management. Data center migration processes, server consolidation, issue tracking and resolution, quality assurance, security and privacy planning, technical sales support and smoothing transition between sales and delivery. Cut over three major financial applications to IBM On Demand Computing Services facilities.

Ford Motor Company IT, Dearborn, Manufacturing

Migration Project Management, 2003-06. Developed the Porting Center project office to manage over 600 large complex data center migration and server consolidation projects, achieving 95% customer satisfaction survey ratings. Established the server consolidation methodology and best practices that included project estimation templates, progress scorecards, and phased implementation project plans. Performed a proof of concept demonstration project and contributed to technology refresh life cycle planning. Also performed project requirements elicitation, risk management, quality assurance planning and earned value analysis functions for multiple implementation teams.

Standard & Poor, New York, Banking & Finance

Testing & QA Methodology Consulting, 2003. NUMA-Q migration project. Developed baseline verification/validation strategy and specified deliverables using IEEE software testing standards to establish repeatable test cases and scenarios. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

Honeywell Aerospace, Albuquerque, Aerospace

IT Project Management, 2002-03. Cozumel ERP migration project. Migrated and cut over major enterprise resource application. Converted and verified porting programs and scripts from Oracle 8.0.5 operating under HP-UX 10.2 to Oracle running AIX 5.1.4. Prepared project management plans, test plans and status summaries. Performed requirements elicitation, issue tracking & resolution, risk management and QA planning.

RR Donnelly, Fort Wayne, Printing Production

IT Project Management, 2001-02. Product Tracking System Reengineering Project. Prepared reengineering specifications, introduced formal methods to extract business logic and capture functional requirements, and migrated/converted system from VAX 11/785 executing PL/I code to HP-UX 10.2 running Oracle 8i. Performed requirements elicitation, issue tracking & resolution, risk management and QA planning.

Texas Office of Attorney General Child Support Division, Austin, Legal & Statutory

IT Project Management, 1998-2000. Interpreting and encoding state laws for Title IV-D Welfare Reform Automation and Enforcement Remedies. Performed project requirements elicitation, risk management, quality assurance planning and earned value analysis functions for multiple implementation teams.

Texas Department of Human Services, Austin, Legal & Statutory

Project Management, 1997-98. Year 2000 Software Configuration Management (SCM) system implementation for multiple applications. Business requirements, process alignment, risk management and QA planning.

InterVoice, Dallas, Telephony

Project Management, 1995-96. Implemented automated customer service scripts for banking call centers. Business requirements, rapid prototyping methodology and QA/Test planning.

Texas Natural Resource Conversation Commission, Austin, Environmental & Regulatory

System Design, 1994. Developed Report Server and database applications for TNRCC Regulatory and Compliance System (TRACS) using Unix system tools and Ingres database software. Business requirements and QA planning.

Dallas Market Center, Dallas, Wholesale Systems

Database Development. 1993-94. Replaced Buyer Registration System (BRS). Business requirements, process alignment, QA planning and testing.

Chemical Lime Group, Fort Worth, Mining & Environmental

Financial System Implementation, 1992-93. Integrated Financial System, Lawson Financials and Oracle database. Migrated legacy financial data. Business requirements, process alignment and QA planning.

Texas Instruments, Dallas, Manufacturing

User Interface Development, 1992. Designed and developed Process Operations Monitor visual interface for remote vacuum deposition fabrication machines in the Semiconductor Process Design Center, employing object oriented database and application software to monitor deposition and etch processes in real time while charting quality control measurements against 6-Sigma statistical limits. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

Mobil, Dallas, Oil & Gas

Data Architecture & Database Integration, 1991-92. Reengineered Well Entry Edit System (WEEDS) database management system and application interfaces. DBMS expertise point of contact. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

Oryx Energy, Dallas, Oil & Gas

Lead Software Integration, 1987-91. Designed and developed user interfaces and application programming interfaces to consolidate access to multiple applications for oil & gas exploration. Created data interchange utilities to condition data file formats for shared programmatic access. Completed proof of concept project demonstrating general purpose user interface to integrate access to programs and data. Designed & integrated databases to support functional workstation integration. The end result enabled geophysicists and geologists single-point workstation access to all relevant subsurface data relevant to a given exploration prospect or play. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

Lookout Geophysical Company, Boulder, Oil & Gas

Software Design, 1987-88. Integrated geophysical data acquisition software integration and application user interfaces. Business requirements and process alignment.

ICL North America, Irving, Retail Systems

Software Design, 1987. Implemented Point of Sale (POS) Positive Credit Authorization system. Application architecture and asynchronous VISA protocols. Business requirements, process alignment and testing.

Inform Air Corporation, Dallas, Aerospace

Software Design, 1986-87. Implemented aeronautical information services, and Airworthiness Directive (AD) Notes database and applications. Business requirements and testing.

Mobility Foundation, Dallas, Health Care & Patient Data Management

System Design, 1985-89. Membership database system, user interface and support. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

National Computrain, Dallas, Health Care & Instruction Technology

Research Direction & Lead Software Development, 1985-86. Designed and developed voice-interactive training for spinal injury rehabilitation patients on mobile computerized workstations. Designed and implemented courseware authoring methodology and supporting work processes. Designed databases to track student patients training dates and scores. Implemented storyboard courseware animation processes. Specified team roles & responsibilities, and interviewed and hired artists, voice talent and programmers to implement courses for patient instruction. Supervised live product acceptance testing with patients. Requirements elicitation, risk management and QA planning.

NASA JSC, Houston, Aerospace and Defense

NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, Space Shuttle Flight Operations Instructor, DPS/NAV, 1982-1984. Trained astronauts and mission controllers in onboard data processing system and navigation procedures using the Computer System Trainer and Single System Trainer simulators. Introduced desktop word processing into the NASA Flight Training Branch and demonstrated its utility by authoring two spaceflight simulation procedures manuals.

BMEWS, Greenland, Aerospace and Defense

Thule AFB Greenland, Ballistic Missile Early Warning System radar site, Space System Director, 1981-1982. Directed Tactical Operations Room personnel, materiel and security, real time launch target acquisition, space debris and satellite breakup tracking, training and readiness scenarios, civilian contractor support operations, and physical and communications security.

NORAD, Colorado, Aerospace and Defense.

NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado. Orbital Analyst Team Leader. 1979-1981. Directed global space surveillance operations, real time space launch analysis, orbital space debris database management, entry tracking for Skylab and other deorbiting payloads and launch bodies.

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