Project Recovery

In a word, project recovery is fraught. The success ratio is low. The project is usually already lost before we are called in for consult, and the primary actors are hostile. However, proprietary Torix methodology leads to successful turnaround. The basic team strategy is to: 1. Examine 2. Negotiate 3. Initiate

The first item on the agenda is to obtain your commitment to success. Your success depends on your willingness to make rapid proactive changes. Torix is there to fix, not to take the blame. Lacking your commitment to success at any point, we walk away and you owe nothing more.

There is a nonrefundable engagement fee, however. We bring in the Torix senior management SWAT team. The team will address your deadline, budget, scope and personnel issues. Within two weeks, it will present its formal recommendations on which you may base your decisions. Optional follow on change management may also be productive.

Projects are most successful if Torix is brought in early. Corrections are then likely to have more impact and be less costly.

Key Recovery Projects

Circuit City, Richmond, Retail Store Chain

Server Consolidation Planning, 2007. Supplied resources, processes and assessments to enact drastic corporate data center cost and performance improvements.

JP Morgan Chase, New York, Banking & Finance

Project Management Audit, 1998. Resolved overlapping project management roles and responsibilities resulting, in eliminating duplicated efforts and clarifying communication. Presented standard software testing recommendastions.

Texas Office of Attorney General Child Support Division, Austin, Legal & Statutory

IT Project Management, 1999-2000. Welfare Reform Planning. Interpreting and encoding state laws for Title IV-D Welfare Reform Automation and Enforcement Remedies. Reorganized and streamlined welfare reform project load. Established elicitation and definition processes for business requirements. Structured project planning and estimation processes, resulting in focused task groups, formalized code reviews and closer conformance to Texas Family Code legal requirements. Also performed project risk management and QA planning functions for multiple teams.

FedEx IT, Dallas, Aerospace.

Flight Planning System Audit, 1998. Prepared roadmap for Flight Planning System Replacement project, commented on distributed systems migration, and evaluated flight systems Y2K readiness. This produced a focused plan for proceeding with system upgrades.

PCS PrimeCo Wireless NNOC, Westlake, Texas, Telecommunications.

Independent Verification and Validation Audit, 1998. Evaluated software design and IT processes against real time business requirements, resulting in increased IT responsiveness to operational needs.

CARE Systems Data Center, Dallas, Health Care &l Patient Records.

Systems Security Audit, 1995. Identified internal security breaches to the data center and databases, resulting in resolution of security processes and procedures, mitigation of secuity threats to patient privacy, and appropriate personnel realignment.

Browning-Ferris Industries Corporate HQ, Houston, Environmental, Legal & Statutory.

Independent Verification and Validation Audit, 1994. Evaluated RCRA federal environmental compliance, distributed systems security, and laboratory quality assurance practices, resulting in more robust security specifications and consoidated laboratory vendor lists. Verified conformance of the Ground Water Analysis System to federal environmental standards.

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