User Interface Design

The following services may be provided at fixed-rate or unit pricing.

Web Page Design

Good basic visual layout, ready information, and ease of navigation are essential to catching and holding the interest of potential customers landing on your site for the first time.  You want to invite visitors back to look again at your offerings.

Initially we will meet with you to discuss your ideas about the design of your web site and the layout of your web pages.  We will propose solutions, give you accurate cost estimates, and then implement them with your approval.   We may provide intermediate designs for your review and consideration.  No charge until you are satisfied that we have produced the look you want.   You will receive copies of all files developed and installed on your web site.

Website Management

You should keep your web site current. Potential customers are generally looking for fresh and accurate information that will allow them an informed decision to purchase your products or services. They will rarely return to web sites with misinformation, old news or broken links.  In addition, you should check your web site's security regularly to ensure that it has not been "hacked" or is being used to host unauthorized files. 

Initially, we will set up your web site and services with your provider and review its integrity and security. Then we will perform a monthly quality review of your web site, institute corrective measures, and give you a full report of actions taken on your behalf. This service also includes eMail and blog setups, adding and dropping links on request, minor page modifications, and integration of any new or redesigned web pages you may have purchased. We also will notify you of web site renewal dates and fees.

Rates: $100/month, $1,000/year. (Fees with your web service provider are separate from and additional to ours, but we can arrange to manage that for you as well, if you prefer.)

Search Engine Optimization

Having a web site does not guarantee that it will be visited. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, employs a number of techniques to allow popular search engines to recognize your web site. Once recognized, further enhancements to your site allow it to jockey for a better position among the search engines.

Initially, we will redesign your web pages for SEO and submit your site for search recognition. Then we will perform a monthly statistical review of your web site, update your site for current search strategies, and give you a full report of actions taken on your behalf. We also will notify you of web site standings and visitor frequencies.

Rates: $100/month, $1,000/year.

Web Reputation

Regardless of whether you have a web site or not, your business has a web reputation. There are a number of online sites that allow disappointed customers, idle mischief-makers, and even competitors to post unfounded hearsay about you and your business. The first thing your potential customer sees about you while browsing are the negative comments about you, instead of your location or services.

We will monitor the web monthly for a variety of business ratings and review, identify any negative comments and provide your with a full report. We also will suggest a plan of action with response text for each instance, which we then implement immediately with your approval. In a typical instance, we might post your response to Angie's ListTM that your management has addressed the issue and invites the person in for another visit, maybe with an appropriate incentive.

Rates: $100/month, $1,000/year.

Graphic Design

A certain amount of basic graphic design and layout is included in each of the web page designs we offer, and you can supply your own photographs to our page designers.  But if you would like more focus and flair to your website, consider adding custom graphic design elements or professional quality photography.   Contact Gnarlywood Studio to discuss your idea and potential solutions.

Rates: Minimum $100/page. Ask for quote.

Ad Pages

If you don't feel you need a whole web site, or maybe just a single web page would suffice, consider having your page hosted by us on one of our our community information sites.  We handle the page design, set up, maintenance and SEO as part of our own regular site administration.  We even make an eMail accounts available with your page. 

Rates: $150/year for each page.

Sample Projects

These are examples of some of the websites designed by Torix Corporation: 

TeleSoft International

The Curves at Dripping Springs

Gnarlywood Studio

Driftwood TX 78619

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